Garfield (as The Great Master)


Clearly the strongest being of the universe.
The Great Master is the kind of warrior you only see one time in the universe each billion years.
And you're lucky: he is a nice guy.

His current job is protecting the universe. He recruits the most powerful ones to build an army. Lot's of them were his own apprentices, or followed a special training given by the strongest warriors.
For an exemple, Gomez followed a special training so he can fight alone against any number of enemies.
Now he is one of the Great Master's warriors, the 937th in the army, but at the beginning od CED, he is only strong enough to be 10 000th! Sounds like the Great Master thinks he'll improve fast...

 [ Power: 9999 zlubluts ]  [img]

Great Master

The Great Master don't have a true form. He is only made of pure power.
He can make avatars of himself, as much he wants, the power he wants.