Gomez represents Salagir's character.

A long time ago, Gomez succeeded at the exam for the school of the
Great Master's warriors.
He said to the Great Master he wanted to be "strong enough to stop any opponant". The Great Master made his follow a special training. His teachers gave him secret techniques so he'd be able to win against more numerous and even more powerful adversaries.
We'll see in CED if he did learn his lessons well.

Gomez doesn't use transformations to power up. He is evolving while fighting and his power grow constantly.
See how he can still fight as the others keep transforming!

 [ Power: 42 zlubluts ]  [img]

Fighter Mode

When he wants to fight, Gomez changes into this appearance and the mere drawer becomes a powerful fighter!!
 [ Power: 105 zlubluts ]  [img]

Super Bourrin

This transformation gives him a very high force but a very low speed.
 [ Power: 82 zlubluts ]  [img]

Fusioned Gomez

Gomez will use some fusion and division techniques and he'll have this appearance eventually.
 [ Power: 117 zlubluts ]  [img]

Final Gomez

At the end, his power will be much more, but his appearance will remain the same.