2000 Monster


To be created, the 2000 Monster must be born from a fire ball named 2000 power.
When it is lanched, it fly for a few moment, destroying all it encounters, then turns into the 2000 Monster.
If the summoning fails, the fire ball destroys everything and disepears. No witness suvived that.
The 2000 Monster can be summoned, if you feel strong enough to control the 2000 power and can take one hour summoning!
The 2000 Monster is so powerful, he is strong enough to face the Ultima Power. But be careful! If he doesn't like you, you're in a bad situation. He doesn't obey any master.

 [ Power: 163 zlubluts ]  [img]

2000 Power - 2000 Monster

Small superpowerful fireball shall turn into a big superpowerful tiger.