The Great Master's enemy


You won't know his name, ever!
He is an immortal warrior, guys as powerful as him are maybe one for 1000 galaxies, in 10 000 years.

To kill the Great Master, he will use the characters of CED: he learns that Gomez knows the Great Master, so he gives his very powerful technique: Ultima Transformation to 2 characters of CED. With that, they gain incredible power, but there is a condition: this Ultimate power will flow only when they'll see the Great Master himself.

 [ Power: 650 zlubluts ]  [img]

Unknown monster

This being can easily change his shape, and his power seems limitless.
Right now, he hides because the Great Master wants to destroy him.
This monster is guilty of all the crimes of the universe, because he likes experimenting stuff.
Some people says that Broly (who of course survived the 10th Film) was killed by him with a little strike.

Life and Death mean nothing for him. He can't be killed, he must be detroyed with a special skill that few people have.