Strong drawer, Rachid is the master of power-up with transformation. His transformations are named "super-sayen" (SS) with a number, so we can make the difference with the transformations of the super saiya-jin: SSJ.

 [ Power: 6 zlubluts ]  [img]

Fighter Mode

When he wants to fight, Rachid changes into this appearance and the mere drawer becomes a powerful fighter!!
 [ Power: 16 zlubluts ]  [img]

Super Sayen 1

And not Super Saiyan-Jin :)
 [ Power: 42 zlubluts ]  [img]

Super Sayen 2

Because SS1 is not enough for him!
 [ Power: 60 zlubluts ]  [img]

Super Sayen 3

Rachid secret transformation!
 [ Power: 80 zlubluts ]  [img]

Super Sayen 4

A big anger could trigger this transformation...
 [ Power: 190 zlubluts ]  [img]

Ultima Rachid

An Ultimate power whose source is quite suspect.
 [ Power: 108 zlubluts ]  [img]

Backup body

When he'll lose his body, Rachid will be forced into this one.