Sebastien is Rachid's friend. For this reason, he possess quite a power. His transformations are Rachid's.
But he is always 3 transformations late on Rachid.

Translation of the note on the picture: "We don't know lot's of things on him, except that you must never insult his mother."

 [ Power: 5 zlubluts ]  [img]

Fighter Mode

When he wants to fight, Seb changes into this appearance and the mere drawer becomes a powerful fighter!!
 [ Power: 16 zlubluts ]  [img]

Super Sayen 1

Seb is Chid's friend so his transformations are the same as his.
 [ Power: 42 zlubluts ]  [img]

Super Sayen 2

After some training, Seb finally achieves SS2.
 [ Power: 59 zlubluts ]  [img]

Giant Ape

The only thing he owns is this Giant Ape transformation, which gives him a power with no equivalent. Until now, Giant Ape Seb is undefeated...
 [ Power: 59 zlubluts ]  [img]

Super Giant Ape

When in this transformation, Seb is not really stronger than in regular Giant Ape, but he goes berserk and attacks everything.