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Le Combat Entre les Dessinateurs is a very long comic book that we began years ago and are finished only 10 years later! It's more than 250 pages long.

The characters are students from our class, plus some guest stars: Garfield and the Dragon Ball Z team. They deserved it, as most of the comics is DBZ-inspired.

As for today, only the beginning is translated in english. If you like the comic and want the rest to be translated, don't be afraid to remind us !

As you know, we're french and the comic you're reading is translated. Do you want to have the sequel of that comics translated or you're not interest at all? (because I won't work at translating a comic nobody cares about...)

I want you to translate the sequel of the comics, I like it !
I don't like your comic, so don't bother translating what appends next.