Super Truc

No more of these lame heroes like Superman, Superwomen, SuperSaiyanjin, Supervert, Supermangante of Potassium, Batman, Spiderman, Bicycle Repairman, Nicetan, Therecanbeonlyone....

Because here is the one who send them all back to theirs authors heads: Super Truc! (Well you already knew that, since it's the title...)

"Super Truc" means "Super Thing".

New strips 2010!

Yes, Super Thing is back, 10 years after, and even 3 years after again, with new adventures.
We'll give your the end of the adventure to which you were waiting the two latests pages... for 3 years!

Super Truc 2007

Super Truc 1997

Ce qu'en ont dit les grands :

  • "Une superbe parodie des Héros contemporains !" (Le monde, 29 février 1998)
  • "Tout simplement génial" (Télérama, octobre 2012)
  • "Un auteur qui me dépasse sans aucune difficulté" (Akira Toriyama, le 36 avril 1999, dans son interview dans Console Moins)